Your informed decision to choose College INsight indicates that you're serious about education...and we're looking forward to working with you.

Here are a few people we have helped through their journey.


We are so proud of helping families achieve their goal and we love to hear what you have to say. So if we have had the opportunity of being part of your goals, please lend us your story for us to share with others.

Parent (Mt. Lebanon)

Quote Mark

So thank you for your help.  You are making an impact on my son’s life in a big way.  He was prepared and made a good impression. Even scheduling an interview is a deep, dark secret…You guys are the best!!!”


Parent (Mt. Washington)

Quote Mark

Thank you for your wise counsel. Guess we parents need a coach too. It is so hard to move from 'under the wings' to 'out of the nest.'Guess the fear is all too common, but we will do our best to allow her young adult life to emerge without hampering the process. So recognize that we too are struggling and please be both patient with us and hold her hand during this delicate time. You're a treasure to our whole family."


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